Fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station

Fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station

Fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Locker

Fireproof mobile phone charging station

The 12 locker phone charging stations is a robust fireproof mobile phone charging station with high-quality fire safes which are all tested to the UK and European standards for fire protection and security. The mobile phone charging locker has 3 charging cables per Locker-Connectivity: Lighting, Micro-USB, USB- and a powerful motherboard, Also, we have the 4 locker option.

Our range of 12 locker phone charging stations can protect a number of different phones and mediums or papers for 1- 3hours making it a powerful fireproof mobile phone charging station.

Fig 1: Fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Locker

We have the 4 locker phone charging station and 12 locker phone charging station which are the two main ranges of different levels of fire protection available depending on your needs.

Not only are our fireproof safes great for protection against fire but come with a comprehensive selection of pin locks

Mobile Phone Charging Station fireproof Safes and Storage Buying Guide

Fireproof mobile phone charging station:

The two main high-quality fire safes mobile phone charging station, on the market today are the most appropriate mobile phone charging station fireproof solutions for your particular mobile phone charging station storage requirement.

The fireproof mobile phone charging station is put through numerous test institutes, test standards, technical specifications and security ratings, so the aim of this guide is to assist in making an informed choice when purchasing a fireproof phone charging station, by highlighting the various issues for consideration.

Which type of fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station do I need?

Different fireproof phone charging station have different requirements as each type of fireproof phone charging station can withstand different temperatures and levels of humidity.

The fireproof phone charging station would depend on the categories.

How does a fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station work?

The 4 locker and 12 locker mobile phone charging station is our best specification, they protect the phone devices from internal moisture levels or the heat of the blaze.

This is mainly due to the way in which the fireproof mobile phone charging station is designed in order to keep the interior as cool as possible throughout the fire for 30mins – 3hours.

The typical construction fire proof mobile phone charging station features a double-walled steel body whose cavity is filled with a special fire-resistant composite.

Also, note this composite can vary between different fireproof phone charging station, it will contain a hydrate such as alum or gypsum that releases water vapour when heated. Some of this water vapour (steam) is channelled into the interior of the fireproof mobile phone charging station, where it serves both to regulate the internal temperature and also to create a pressure seal against the external heat of the fire. The pressure and humidity levels are controlled by the strategic placing of vents, or external release holes, in various parts of the safe: for example, the back, top, underneath and the front of the door, beneath the fascia. This enables some of the steam to escape into the fire. The high quality and precision-engineered features reinforce the fire resistance of the fireproof phone charging station, which is designed so that all gaps are sealed when the materials used to protect the interior react to the fire. Furthermore in a fireproof phone charging station, protecting against critical levels of humidity inside the fire proof phone charging station is not the same as water resistance

What type of fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station storage?

They are many different types of fire rated fireproof phone charging station units, from smaller, bigger, lockers and non lockers phone charging station as well as bespoke strong fireproof phone charging station.

The main criterion for choosing a fire resistant fireproof phone charging station storage unit must be the type of devices that would requires protection.

Furthermore, the main point to consider, especially when buying a fireproof phone charging station, is that its internal dimensions will be much smaller than its external appearance might at first suggest. This is due to the amount of insulation material required to keep the temperature inside the safe below the critical 52 °C / 125 °F level. Care must therefore be taken that there is enough space inside the safe to meet the storage requirements.

When choosing a fire safe with security protection, prominent test standards to look for are EN 14450-S1 and S2 and EN 1143-1.

How are fireproof Mobile Phone Charging Station tested?

The European standard EN 1047, which is applied under the auspices of British Standards as BS EN 1047, mainly contains some of the most rigorous test criteria for fire safes, with EN 1047-120 Dis perhaps the most stringent of all. Also, the requires the fireproof mobile phone charging station to be heated in a furnace to over 1100 °C / 2012 °F for two hours, with the temperature inside the cabinet not to exceed a maximum 52 °C / 125 °F

Furthermore America, the main test institute is Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and their relevant standard is UL 72. Also, in respect of data media, the temperature inside the fireproof mobile phone charging station must not exceed 52 °C / 125 °F, with humidity restriction of 80%. For the 120 minute test standard, for example, the safe is heated in a furnace to 1010 °C / 1850 °F for two hours, after which the furnace is switched off and left to cool down, with the safe still inside it

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