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Fast Charging and Cutting-edge Mobile Phone Charging station since 2000. Learn more about the European leading Mobile Phone Charging equipment

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24/7 Support

Chargezone provides effective and friendly support to answer all enquiries, questions and resolve any issue in Europe

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Customised Branding

A unique powerful brand identity while promoting your brand on a mobile phone charging platform to effectively reach and promote your mobile phone marketing strategy.

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Something About Us


Chargezone phone charging station offers free-standing, wall-mounted, tabletop, lockable, standard and micro 12 mobile phone charging station which are equipped with features like LCD touch screens, remote content management solutions, billboards, lockers, credit card processing, branded customised wrapping and more.

We have all mobile phone charging station options and solutions to help achieve your business and event success.

Manufacture, Design and Approval 90%
Development and Branding 80%
Delivery and Setup 80%
Chargezone Mobile phone charging station

Company Up’s & Down’s

Perfect Solution for Exhibitions, Events, Schools, Colleges, Universities,Hospitals,Restaurants,Malls, Stadiums

Chargezone Mobile phone charging station would provide exceptional ROI and it would also further develop your company’s mobile phone marketing or Advertising strategy.

Benefits You Will Get With Chargezone Customised Branded Mobile Phone Charging Station

Chargezone is Europeans leading Mobile Phone Charging Station provider that fits for both rental and purchasing. A pack of excellent quality, robust specially designed for various businesses and sectors.

Our Recent UK and European Achievements

What makes Chargezone Robust mobile phone charging station stand out is our extensive range of built-in design, excellent quality, product range, robust and attention to detail.

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What We Offer

You can hire or purchase a standard or lockable mobile phone charging station. Our mission as a mobile phone charging station manufacturing company is to empower smartphone users in Europe and the UK while they are on- the-Go by keeping their smart mobile phones recharged and always connected.

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